Where will my portrait session take place?  

ADP portrait sessions will take place either in God's great outdoors, public properties that allow photography, or in specified businesses or storefronts who have granted permission for us to utilize their space.  The location is completely up to you!  City, Country, Modern, Rustic, Vintage... It all depends on what "feel" you are going for.  There are lovely areas in Pampa, Amarillo, and Canadian. Plus, I do travel free of charge up to 60 miles away from my residence.   

At this time ADP does not have a permanent Studio location, however, I do have a mobile studio that I can set up at my personal residence.  Its size and capabilities are sufficient only for Newborns and Small Children.  It may also be set up in your own home for an additional fee.

Is there a Deposit to retain your services, and how do I pay you for my session?

Yes, there is a $50.00 deposit for Portrait Sessions and a $300.00 deposit for Weddings.  This fee is nonrefundable and due immediately upon booking to reserve your date.  Your requested date and time can not be held until your Deposit has been paid.  The deposit must be paid via PayPal, and the remainder balance is due the day before the session or event. It may be paid by either cash, check or debit/credit via PayPal.

My package includes digital files, what are they? What is the Limited Print Release?

ADP utilizes digital photography for all sessions.   Digital Files are the fully retouched, high resolution digital image files that you will receive on disc or via Instant Download.  The Limited Print Release grants you permission to use your purchased digital files for your own personal use.  You make make prints from your disc for your personal use only but your Release does not expire.  We recommend that you place print orders through your Client Gallery to guarantee that you will have professional quality products.  

When will I get to see my Portraits?

ADP requires up to 4 weeks post session for image processing and retouching. It doesn't usually take that long, but that allows Amy the possibility of important family time with her husband and two small children, and gives her additional time in case of an unforeseen emergency. When your photos are completed, she will contact you to schedule a date for your Viewing Session so that you may redeem your Print Credit and/or order Products.                                                               

What is a Canvas Print Credit, and how do I redeem it?

Print Credit's are included in some Portrait Collections for varying amounts.  The credit is only redeemable towards the purchase of a Gallery Wrapped Canvas print.  All you need to do is choose your favorite image to print and let me know that's what you would like to purchase.  I'll walk you through the rest.

May I post my session images on my Facebook Page or other social media site?

Yes!  I would love for you to share your portraits with your family and friends!  All I ask is that you please follow a few basic restrictions as outlined in your contract.

 Your digital file purchase will include both high-resolution, print ready files and low resolution, watermarked files intended specifically for internet usage.  Please upload only the watermarked files to the internet. Those have already been re-sized and sharpened to provide optimal viewing quality. Please tag ADP's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/amydillinghamphotography  so that others may find my services.  The ADP logo that has been "watermarked" across those images is for both of our protection.  It lets others know that they may not claim my work as their own, or re-edit my work in any way, and that your image may not be used for any other purpose by strangers.  The watermark may not be cropped out of view at any time.

Can I have my pet in my portraits?

Absolutely, as long as it isn't a spider!  Please, please don't ask me to do that!  The only requirement is that you must find an animal friendly location for your session.  I have a long history of working with and riding horses, and am very comfortable around animals in general.  Docile large animals are no problem!

What should I wear or bring to my session?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable in your own skin, and bring anything that is important to you!  Amy has a prepared PDF packet covering all the basics to help you make your decision.  You will receive this via email once you have booked your session, along with a link to my personal Pinterest board full of ideas just for you! Check it out here:  http://pinterest.com/adpportraits/