Its your Senior year...

Congratulations!  The last twelve years of school are nearly behind you and I know you're at that point where you can almost taste the freedom that awaits you.  New opportunities, new places, new people.  It's a really exciting time in you life!

Your Senior Portraits are an opportunity to capture the identity of the person you are today, so that you can look back years from now, and wherever life has taken you, to remember who you were and what you stood for at this time in your life.  They are about expressing yourself and what really matters to you.  This is not the time to go to a cookie cutter studio chain expecting better than average results. This is the time to reflect on what really moves you and to have your moments captured while they are happening, and in a way that allows you the complete freedom to be yourself.  Together, we'll find what moves you.  We'll capture the essence of you and show the world the next force to be reckoned with.


XOXO - Amy