All images are copyrighted by photographer, Amy Dillingham. It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, or reproduce, or re-edit my work in any manner or medium and is punishable by law with fines starting at $150,000. As an artist, I wish to have complete control over the final look of my client's images, and scanned or re-edited images damage my reputation as a photographer by distorting and devaluing the image quality.  

When you purchase digital files, you will be given one disc of your copyrighted images.  You may backup your photos on your personal computers for safe keeping and you may make unlimited prints for your own personal use, or to give others as gifts.  You may not duplicate your disc to give to others, including other family members. You may not allow any other person to use your disc to make their own prints and you may not purchase prints for another person with the intent of being reimbursed for your purchase.  If a person would like to purchase prints that you will not be giving them as a gift, then they must purchase prints for themselves through your online gallery. 

Thank you for respecting my work and livelihood by choosing not to alter, reproduce, or distribute my images.


If you are having Senior or individual Portraits made, please feel free to bring along a parent or guardian and one friend.  If you are having group portraits made, please do not bring anyone who will not be in the photos.  Also, please do not bring your own camera, or camcorder to the session.  These policies are to help minimize distractions and ensure that your portraits are the best.

Your final print order will usually be delivered within a week of your order being placed. Canvases and specialty items may take longer.

I reserve the right to use my copyrighted digital files and print reproductions from any session for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website or any publication to promote my name without additional compensation.  Each person who will be in the portraits will have their names listed in the contract and their guardian/self will have to sign a model release allowing me to do so or portraits will not be made.