What's so great about rectouching?

One of the many benefits of digital photography is the availability of retouching solutions.  The goal of retouching is to enhance your images while ultimately leaving you looking like yourself.


Imagine that you wake up on your wedding day with the mother of all blemishes on your cheek. GASP!  You start to think of the of photographs that you will star in throughout the day and you start to cringe.  Well, don't worry!  With professional retouching, that can easily be removed.  I promise, you'll soon forget that it was ever there, and thats not the only perk!  Your eyes can sparkle just a little bit more, stained teeth can be whitened and brightened, and little distractions may even be able to disappear completely.


Sometimes a portrait and its subject can be almost perfect, but still in need of something a little more dramatic.  With several years of experience in portrait art, its easy for me to add a whole new dimension to your memories.  Best of all, basic retouching is included with your portrait session or wedding free of charge.